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Orkuvirki has imported low voltage distribution cubicles from the Danish manufacturer  Eaton-Holec, of the type Tabula, during the past 20 years. Numerous panels using the cubicles have been assambled. Main distribution boards (MDBs), motor control centres (MCCs) and subdistributions are in use in power plants, industrial installations, etc. all over Iceland.

The equipment installed in the cubicles is from all major equipment suppliers, such as Schneider (Merlin Gerin), ABB, Siemens and others.
DC panels with operating voltage up to 220 V for substation use and as back-up power (with inverters) are an increasing part in Orkuvirki product portfolio.

The main characteristics of the Tabula circuit breaker cubicles: – Type tested 690 V (400/230 V) circuit breaker cubicles, 260 to 7.800 A – Tested in accordance with IEC/EN 60439-1 og -3.

Main ratings:
– 600/1.000 V, (2/3,5 kV)
– 276 kA (peak),   120 kA (1 sek)

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