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The history

Several small electrical contractors and engineers established Orkuvirki in 1975. The company main purpose was to join forces in work on bigger projects reaching beyond the scope of the individual contractors. Operation of the company was not continuous, but was on negotiated projects after open bidding on the market. In 1994 Orkuvirki fully became the property of electrical contractor Tryggvi Thorhallsson and his family. Since 2003 Tryggvi Thorhallsson, Thorhallur Tryggvason and Kristjan Gudmundsson own the company.

The company operation after more than 30 years on the market still is divided between contracting and own production of MV circuit breaker cubicles and assembly of LV distributions. In cooperation with others the operation is also spreading to other fields of industry. The main change in operation during the past years has been increased work on substation control and protection equipment. During the past years, contracting has been continuous on different projects, such as extension of aluminum smelter Straumsvik (now RTA owned), building and extension of aluminum smelter Grundartangi (Owned by Century Aluminum), building of geothermal power plant Hellisheidi (Reykjavik Energy owned) and different projects for the Icelandic National Power Company, National Grid, State Electrical Works, Reykjanes Regional and Reykjavik Energy, in addition to smaller energy and industrial projects.

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