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Orkuvirki designs and builds control systems

Control and protection equipment has shown to be an ever increasing part of Orkuvirki projects during the past years, mainly because of increased automation in energy systems and improved equipment for remote control.
The company has primarily been working with ABB control and protection relays and terminals, including also gateways and station computers.
Control and protection relays and terminals delivered by Orkuvirki in projects count by hundreds during the past 10 years. Each MV circuit breaker cubicle made by Orkuvirki contains a combined control and protection terminal. The most common terminal is ABB type RE_54_, but other types and makes have also been supplied upon customer request.
The RE_ 54_ terminals and the relays form other manufacturers are often built with communication facilities for remote control.
In many substations having relays with communication facilities Orkuvirki has also installed a gateway. For this purpose Orkuvirki normally uses equipment of ABB make, type COM 6xx, but other types have also been installed. Orkuvirki has also delivered around 10 ABB MicroSCADA (remote) control systems in substations.
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